Call to Army:Charity-Save the Children KVR diploma




Auctions alone: 5877$
Camel Audio contribution: 1645$
Luftrum contribution: 774$
Donations made to Luftrum: 155$
Simon Stockhausen contribution: 107$
WhiteLABEL contribution: 80$
Reusenoise contribution: 23$
Yuroun contribution: 33$
TeamDNR: 40$
Rob Lee: 117$
In total: 8851$ 









Call to Arms: Charity!


From KVR thread


This is Luftrum. Some of you may know me from the Luftrum: Ambient sound library for Alchemy. I’m a sound designer. Designing presets is my hobby and getting lost in space nailing down the perfect ambient pad is where I recharge my batteries. I am also an employee in a large medical company focused on diabetes care and then I’m “just” an ordinary family guy and father of two girls – 3 and 6 years old, princess terrorists I tell ya Smile and my two most precious beings on this planet. I’m sure the parents among you will agree when it comes to your children and priorities of life – funny how it all turns upside down once you become a parent. Well, that was kind of off topic. Beside the two girls I got a sponsor child in Cap Verde and this leads me back to the topic: Charity!

I am writing this to announce that all sales from my soundbanks during September including royalties, will be given away to a yet undecided charity organisation. It will be either an organisation covering children’s life and healthor an organisation for environmental protection.

I am also writing this almost a month in advance, aiming towards plugin developers, audio companies and individuals to join effort in an unofficial KVR Charity Fund Raising during September – as Bob Hope once said: “If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”

The charity organisation who will recieve the funds will be chosen by KVR members through a poll. The companies and developers who participate in this event will also have the option to choose the specific charity organisation to be voted for. The organisation will be within either of the two specified above. You can donate in two ways:

Companies and sound developer individuals:

– Set up a donation button on your website, with a link to this thread
– Donate a percentage of September sales to the charity event
– Set up a donation event ie. a charity group buy, an auction of a product bundle or a pay-what-you-want for a specific product
– Donate a specific amount.

Other individuals:

– Buy from the Sound Dev Charity list below. The list contains companies and sound developer individuals who participates in the charity event – as described above
– Donate to anyone on the Sound Dev Charity list who got a charity donation button on their website.

When you have donated, please reply to this topic and show your fellow KVR members how YOU became the change! When September ends we will count the charity raised and get a KVR ambassador to hand over the funds to the chosen organisation.

Now, the most important thing everyone can do and I cannot amplify the importance of this enough whether you donate or not: SPREAD THE WORD!Facebook, Twitter, websites, magazines, e-zines or if you are an editorial person with access to media or magazine coverage etc. any PR will do – please help spread the message and bump this thread.

Again, I am writing this almost a month in advance to get dev’s to consume the idea and prepare whatever to be prepared before deadline and starting dateThursday September 1st and lasting until Friday September 30th Companies and sound developer individuals contact me by PM or email to get listed on the Sound Dev Charity list below.

“When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.” ~Abraham Joshua Heschel.

I sincerely hope this will grow.


– Luftrum.

Sound Dev Charity list:

Donating: 100% of September sales applying to Luftrum 1-3 and Luftrum 5 and the soundbank for Roland GAIA. Donating the royalties of Luftrum: Ambient for Alchemy.

Camel Audio
Donating: $10 for every copy of Alchemy sold during September + donating their share of the royalties of Luftrum: Ambient to charity too during September.

Donating: Got a Xoxos All bundle up for charity auction. The bundle consists of all Xoxos paid plugins. Current high bidder: whyterabbit, 25$.

Perimeter Sound
Donating: Tone Sets Bundle + 3 Zebra patch sets on charity auction. Current high bidder for the 3 Zebra patch sets: vurt, 10$.

Donating: 100% of whiteLABEL sales (after paypal fees) from September will go into the pot – no auctions, no offers, just all proceeds from sales.

Simon Stockhausen
Donating: Soundbank bundle for auction – both the Alchemistry Banks for Alchemy (usually sold as a bundle for 70 €). Current high bidder: audington, 20$.

Big Tick audio software
Donating: Rhino license + ALL soundbanks (15!) to the highest bidder. That’s a 280$ value. Current high bidder: audington, 50$.

Yuroun Sound Design
Donating: 30% of sales from two new Alchemy Soundbanks (Sonic Impact andSonic Impact Developer) will go to charity.

DNR Collaborative
Donating: Donating $20 for each copy of MixControl Pro sold during September.

Also donated to charity is one Camel Audio bundle consisting of Alchemy, CamelSpace, CamelPhat and a Sound Library free of choice to the highest bidder – just reply to this thread with your bid, minimal bid increment 1$. Current high bidder: rationalizer, 160$.

Also donated is a soundbank by Kriminal for DUNE. Current high bidder:cyphersuit, 15$.

Reusenoise is offering Machines sample pack as a pay-what-you-want for charity during September.


FL Studio Mobile is now available for Iphone and Ipad





Key Features introduced in Version 8.5:

  • New default skin by Nick Moritz
  • New effect: RNA-160 Compressor/Limiter, a faithful emulation of an outboard legend.
  • New effect: Concert Hall, a new algorithmic reverb with a high-quality sound.
  • New effect: Analog Phaser, an anlog-modelled six-stage phaser
  • New effect: Vintage EQ, tone stack emulation of the legendary ’59 Bassman Amp
  • Compressor CV-82, an improved version of the Compressor 8 with additional features
  • Sidechain support for VST effects
  • Pro-9 extended with the Noise Spread knob, which increases the spaciousness of the Snare and Clap sound in the stereo field
  • ASIO Outputs can be freely assigned to individual subgroups in the Master section
  • Skinning system completely overhauled, skins are easier to develop and maintain now, most
    knobs support alpha-blending and an arbitrary number of frames.
  • Toxic 2 synthesizer engine completely overhauled, its performance is now up to 50% higher
    than previously. New “Pan Spread” knob for spreading Unison voices in the stereo field.
  • All workspace windows can snap to a user-definable grid, facilitating the window arrangement

Workflow Enhancements:

  • Popup Hints for generator knobs (can be turned off)
  • Current Parameter value visible in event editors (red line by default, user-definable)
  • All workspace Windows can snap to a user-definable grid
  • “Clone” function which clones all patterns and the arrangement of a generator to a new track. The source mixer strip with all its associated insert FX and EQ settings can be optionally cloned as well.

Bug Fixes:

  • Toolbars no longer ‘blink’ when clicking on them
  • Some VST plugins did not redraw properly, fixed
  • Assigning Transport buttons to MIDI CC did not always work properly, fixed
  • Song Merge did not always work properly, fixed
  • MP3 Export did not work in 64-bit version of Orion, fixed
  • Incorrect meter drawing while mixer was moving, fixed
  • Audio glitches while window was moving or scrolling, fixed
  • Playlist cursor drawing bugs while window was moving, fixed
  • Song Length was not correctly updated when adding huge patterns, fixed
  • Mousewheel did not work properly in all cases, fixed
  • Modules were loosing focus and focus was set for playlist (TAB shortcut issue), fixed
  • Deprecated effect “Simple reverb” was not recovered properly from older projects, fixed
  • “Audio Input” text was not drawn properly on expanded playlist, fixed
  • Hitting [Alt]+[-] to invoke MDI window caused hang, fixed
  • Styles imported from V7 with automation in them did not show the automation, fixed
  • Pattern list Drop-down in Playlist did not always work, fixed
  • VST effect “PSP-85” crashed after inserting it, fixed
  • “Receive MIDI from…” did not work for VST effects, fixed
  • IL plugins had drawing issues, fixed
  • Recorded MIDI CC Automation was sometimes not shown for VST plugins, fixed
  • Event Editor: Events drawn with the line tool while left button was held down were erased by playlist cursor, fixed
  • Imported v7 projects with many generators did not show all mixer strips, fixed
  • Scrolling in Piano Roll and Playlist was sluggish sometimes, fixed
  • Generator window was not resizable if pianoroll was opened while window was rolled, fixed
  • After un-maximizing a window, the border was not redrawn correctly, fixed
  • Toxic 2 “Init Program” function created a silent patch, fixed
  • Calling up minimized Windows from the Window menu did not work, fixed
  • On some systems the Mixer had redraw issues, fixed
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Free Gibson LP power chords wav+sfz


Power chords multisampled played on a 1996 Gibson LP  Studio with a Seymor Duncan bridge pickup

The chord start from E maj to D maj ,all chords was recorded through an old Yamaha mixer and completly dry,so you can reamp with you preferred amp sim

 44.100 /24 bit depth

Key map from E5 to E6

Demo song and download

Happy Easter free drum loops


To celebrate Easter I made a free drum loops pack


MACHINE new drum machines sample set


A collection of uncompressed .wav drum machines samples single hits made using a varaiety of audio sources,both hardware and software.

373 samples,at least 3 velocity layers including kicks,snares,hats etc.

Ready made for Poise percussion sampler (samples+cells) and .sfz format,good for using with other samplers support these format.

Important:.sfz files are included in the kit folder

PRICE € 4,99